Fleet Coat Cuff Detail
Fleet Coat Cuff Detail

My work is motivated by a pre-occupation with memories and family history. Each gesture, mark, or element expresses an event, emotion or feeling. Part of the process  is the collection of memento-mori and precious delicately decaying fabrics and lace. The work conveys my desire to commemorate histories and preserve precious memories. Sometime these pieces take the form of little sculptural coats, ‘ Dancing Coats’ & ‘Memory Coats’, referencing my great-grandfather’s work as a tailor. They seem to dance in mid-air, devoid of bodies, but contorted as if a moment is frozen in time.Work also takes the form of long veil-like hangings, made from antique silk bridal tulle and called; ‘Vanitas Veils’ (after the 16th & 17th Flemish Vanitas painters, Vanitas loosely translated corresponds to the meaninglessness of earthly life and the transient nature of beauty and all earthly goods and pursuits); these lengths of fabric are punctuated with images, embroidery and found materials.

I have worked as a textile artist and designer with a wide-ranging experience in Art Textiles, Textile design for the Fashion Industry, Costume, one-off Couture Design and Education, teaching art and textiles in secondary schools and sixth form.  In the 80’s and 90’s I worked for bands as a touring wardrobe technician and then as a production assistant.

My background as a textile designer means that colour is a fundamental element of my work, my palette of choice de-saturated evocative of by-gone eras but also the sea’s and skies of Mersea Island where I live.

After gaining a first class honours degree in Printed-Textiles at Middlesex University, and selling degree show work to the Donna Karan studio, I went on to be an embroidery designer for a design studio in London and then freelance for a textile agent.

I became an Art/textile teacher whilst bringing up my family.

My processes mainly combine; screen-print and  digital print with other techniques experimentally to produce mixed-media pieces in a variety of formats from sculptural to printed panels and canvases.

Since my move to Mersea Island in 2013, my work has increasingly been influenced by the historic boats, landscapes and seascapes that surround me. This has inspired a whole new body of work.

Installation at Colchester Hospital
Installation at Colchester Hospital


My collaboration with the glass artist Chris Wood. On our installation for Colchester Hospital, Radiotherapy Department- ‘Regatta’. Has inspired and extended my repertoire of materials and I am now developing a new body of work laminating textile panels between glass.




More recent  work includes community workshops in Milton Keynes and Cambridge to develop art installations and Public Artworks. ‘For the Fallen’  was commissioned by Westbury Arts Centre and the Heritage Lottery Alliance in Milton Keynes and was a collaboration with  dancers Chris Bradley, Helen Parlour and Effie McGuire-Ward to create a banner installation and performance piece. The banners were created in community workshops, primary/secondary schools & colleges were also exhibited in Westbury Arts Centre for ‘The Great War Banner Project’.

I was recently selected for the ‘Nautical Perspectives’, Art and Sculpture exhibition, at St Katherines Dock, London.