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The Points of Intersection is a public art project for the Future Business Centre.

The project aims to reflect the centre’s social and environmental commitment through the creation of three separate strands of public art activity:

A collection of 2D and installed artwork, which will be on public display within the centre and responds to environmental themes around nature, and sustainability.
A central evocative commissioned piece of artwork, which creatively reflects the support the centre has received from its funders and supporters.
Public facing installation artwork, which is designed to respond, connect and engage with the community.

Artist Helen Marshall (The People Picture) was commissioned to produce the main piece of art in the atrium of the Future Business Centre, which is a photomontage of over 3,500 photos and images from workshops run by Vinny Stapley in collaboration with Helen Marshall and Chris Wood the artist who created the Dichroic glass Installation on the buiding facade.
Workshops were devised in and around the centre and Vinny worked with tenants and users around the centre as well as pupils at the nearby Grove Primary School to create materials which fed into the final concepts. The Artworks were unveiled in November 2015.

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